How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Naturally

how to treat acne scarsIf you suffer from acne, it’s not just the awful pimples that can cause you a problem; it’s also what happens to your skin when you’ve finally managed to get the problem under control. If you have had acne to the point where the pimples are filled with pus, or are inflamed, this can mean they burst, and when they start to heal, this will leave you with a mark. In this article you will find all sorts of information on how to get rid of acne marks.

However, before we get into how to remove acne marks, you should know why you get marks like this. When you first develop acne, your pores can become blocked with hair follicles, excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. When this happens you will develop a pimple, and these can be pretty nasty, in fact, if the problem isn’t addressed, you can end up with something called pustules, or cysts.

These are not only unsightly, and embarrassing for you, they can be very uncomfortable. However, there are ways to keep acne under control, and you probably know this already. You’re more than likely reading this because you want to know how to treat acne scars.

Acne Pimples FormationWhen you finally have the problem under control, the pimples you had will go through a healing process, and this is what causes the marks you’re now looking to get rid of. As the skin heals, it starts to produce collagen which is a protein that keeps the skin strong, and gives it flexibility. Unfortunately, collagen can over compensate when it’s trying to heal damaged skin, and this can result in a raised collection of tissue that can leave a mark, and this is why you will be looking at acne marks treatment.

Another reason you may suffer from marks like this is if you consistently pick, or pop your pimples. Many people are guilty of this because they think it will make the spots go away, however, it can cause untold damage to your skin, and this could be why you’re looking at how to treat acne scars.Unique Scar Eraser

Very useful information on How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Naturally

Many people these days shy away from medical treatments simply because of the side effects, so finding a natural remedy when looking at how to get rid of acne marks naturally is possibly your first step. Below are some remedies we believe could help you:

natural remedies for acne marksA natural chemical peel is another method you might think about when looking at how to remove acne marks. Honey in its most natural form is the best face mask you can use. If you can, buy some Manuka honey, which is well regarded for its healing properties. Simply spread the honey over the affected area, and let it dry. Again, wash off with warm water, and pat dry. Unlike sandalwood, honey has excellent antibacterial properties, and will help to clear your skin.

A rosewater and sandalwood paste acts very well as a face mask. This should be applied before you go to bed, and if you can, leave it on overnight. In the morning, gently wash the face mask off with warm water, and pat the skin dry. This is an excellent way on how to get rid of acne marks naturally because of the soothing, and cooling properties that sandalwood has.

how to get rid of acne marks naturallyLemon juice is another way that’s considered to help when you’re looking at how to get rid of acne marks, and this is because of the citric acid it contains. This means when it’s applied to the marks, it will remove the dead skin cells, and it will promote the growth of new skin cells. However, this should never be applied unless it’s diluted. Take the juice of one lemon mixed with a cup of water, soak a wash cloth in the mixture, and apply it to your skin a few times a day.

Vitamin E is well known for helping damaged tissue repair quickly, and if you’re looking at how to get rid of acne marks, this is something-else you should consider. Vitamin E capsules are widely available at your local health food store, and all you need to do, is break one open, and rub the oil over your marks once a day.

Moisturizing is something-else that’s important, and there are many creams available that contain Vitamin E however, you have to be careful of the other ingredients contained in these creams. Olive oil is an excellent substitute for keeping your skin moist, and can be applied as many times as you like throughout the day.

Of course diet is also important when you’re looking at how to get rid of acne marks, and you should make sure you keep well hydrated, and eat foods that will help your skin repair.

We have listed the natural remedies in this article so you have an idea on how to treat acne scars without using potentially harmful chemicals. Not only that, these remedies are low cost, and you can do them in the comfort of your own home. Add to that the fact there is less risk with side effects, we think you should try some of the above methods first when you’re looking at how to get rid of acne marks. Please watch honey natural acne treatment video: [youtube][/youtube]